Do Athletes Need A Social Media Coach?

The power and reach that social media provides to athletes has forever changed the sports world at every level of every game. Professional athletes are building massive and engaged fan bases in record times. College athletes are using social media to build power and notoriety while they are still in school, which can work to their benefit when they are ready to step into the professional ranks. Even High School students are using social media to reach fans, but more importantly to market their talents to college coaches that were previously beyond reach.

The truth is that today social media has empowered athletes at every level to talk to a much wider audience than just a few short years ago… and therein lies the danger. With this new power and influence comes both responsibility and liability. Most athletes simply are not trained to understand the responsibilities that go with communication on this new global stage. In the past, sports stars built their reputations over time, but in the social media age, they can build them overnight. They can have the whole world talking about them in a matter of hours or even minutes…but will the talk be negative or positive?

The Dangers of the Steroid Effect in Sports

Anabolic steroids stimulate muscle growth, even without diet and activity, and help athletes recover from injury faster. It is against federal law to use steroids without a prescription. President Bush signed a bill into law in 1990 that put steroids in the same classification as amphetamines, methamphetamines, opium, and morphine. Simple possession of steroids is punishable by one year in prison and/or a minimum fine of $1,000.

Doctors can prescribe steroids for conditions such as AIDS. Studies show that side effects of steroid use can include kidney failure, heart disease, brain tumors, and impotence as well as behavioral changes such as violent rages, depression, even schizophrenia.

In addition to the 20-to-30-pound offseason muscle-mass gain, signs of steroid use include a perfectly sculpted body, mood swings and acne on the back.

Nutrition Tips For Better Health

There are 3 basic nutritional habits that we can adapt to change our health.  These habits can be easy for some but very difficult for others. Nevertheless, if we make these changes it can have a prolonged effect that can help us and more importantly our children live a long healthy life.

We always hear about the health problems that are associated with poor nutrition, but for many of us, it can be a confusing subject with an endless amount of information. The internet, magazines, TV, radio and other sources bombard us with different information every day. Therefore, I wanted to write a basic nutritional piece that helps to simplify this daunting subject and tell you my top three tips that can have a lasting effect on your health.

My first and number one tip that will instantly improve your health is: Eat Real Food.  Now you might be saying to yourself “Mr. Travis what do you mean eat real food, I eat real food every day!?” So, let me clarify what I mean. Real is unprocessed. You can tell if the foods that you are eating are real or minimally processed by asking yourself the following question:

Youth Zone Blocking Schemes – Football

It’s not flashy.  The glory is not apparent, it comes from within. The Offensive Line coach in youth football is without a doubt the most important coach on the staff. The problem is that most youth coaches aren’t interested in being the OLine Coach.  Nobody wants to watch the line on game day, its all about the following the ball.  While being right there on the sidelines is the best seat in the house to be a fan, that is not coaching.

Just like it takes a certain kind of player to excel as an offensive lineman, (you know the kid, the one who has a grin on his face after he buries another player, but doesn’t seek the recognition) it takes a certain kind of coach to immerse himself in the OLine.

That being said, most youth programs do not put the kind of system together that gives coaches the opportunity to actually coach the offensive line.  I am not here to tell you that zone blocking is THE answer to youth football line play, or line play at any level, however, I will tell you that it is much easier than most people think.

Colleges that Offer Sports Management Programs

How exciting would it be if your job meant going to work every day and interacting with some of the world’s greatest athletes on a daily basis? Or running a hi-tech gym? These opportunities and many more are open those who have a sports management education. The first step of course though is finding colleges that offer sports management degree and/or certification programs.

Sports Management Programs Explained

Usually, sports management programs offer a very strong foundation in accounting, finance, media communications, ethics, management, marketing, and the role of the law in professional and high-level amateur sports. Colleges offering sports management courses provide the student with an in-depth understanding of the role of sports in society, the role of management in sports, and the opportunities to apply for students to apply that knowledge in sports-related organizations after graduation.

Colleges with sports management majors are becoming easier to find now. The world of sports is becoming more and more business orientated every day.

Sportsmanship at Captain Shreve

Sportsmanship is something that must be learned as we are not born with any sort of sportsmanship qualities. So sportsmanship needs to be taught! Just as at other schools, Captain Shreve’s coaches are the teachers of sportsmanship qualities to the school’s athletes.

Captain Shreve’s coaches are teaching the school’s athletes to play with courteousness and fairness, and to accept a game’s end result graciously. The school’s coaches also must be displaying these characteristics in order to let the athletes demonstrate these qualities in a proper way. The athletes must understand that the coaches mean business when it comes to good sportsmanship.

The skill and ability to demonstrate good sportsmanship and to be a good sport depend on whether the school’s athletes possess the intrinsic human values of responsibility, self-discipline, respect, courage, and integrity. Please bear in mind that good sportsmanship starts and ends with you, the athlete!


Captain Shreve High School Directory

6115 E Kings Highway, Shreveport, LA 71105, Caddo Parish, Phone: 318-865-7137, fax: 318-865-5041

District: 1-5A, Class: 5A, Mascot: Gators, Colors: Forest Green & Old Gold

Boys Athletics Phone: 318-865-7137
Girls Athletics Phone: 318-865-7137

Athletic Director: Todd Sharp
Athletic Secretary: Becki Hanley

Captain Shreve Girls Trophies

There are local track & field teams that possess real star power, just take a look at the C.E. Byrd girls’ or the Haughton boys’ teams. But Captain Shreve’s Lady Gators actually possess something that all the others do not. And this is tucked away in the Kings Highway school Trophy case: four beautiful and shiny gold champion’s trophies.

Shreve’s Lady Gators started out with a victory at the important DeRidder Relays. Later in the year, there were wins at the Woodlawn Knight Relays, and before that at the Huntington Raider Relays, and they also were victorious at their own school’s Relays.

When Lady Gators head coach Marita Hunt was driving home after the Captain Shreve Gator Relays, she really didn’t realize how perfectly well her girls had performed, as she just had been was too busy organizing and handling the meet. What she DID know was that she brought home the fourth first-place trophy, a glorious achievement. Merely a day later, the first things that Marita Hunt pointed at were the personal records her girls had established at the meet.

Hunt said that when you’ve reached this point in the sports season, we’re talking more about our personal records than at what place we ended. This year, though, I’ve been pleasantly surprised over and over again, as I really hadn’t expected us to win at any of the meets.

Captain Shreve’s Lady Gators Are Champions!

For the first time in five decades, the Captain Shreve Lady Gators are District 1-5A champions!!! Get the word out, shout it from the roof, tell the world…This is the first time the Lady Gators are the champions since the school began. Sa what??? Since time began!!! Never before, even not when “Great Danielle Butler” was leading the Lady Gator under Carolyn Boydstun (God have her soul) did the Lady Gators reach to this level of success.

Last Tuesday night, at the Lady Eagles’ gym, the championship in the girls’ basketball program was secured with a great 65-46 victory over the injury-riddled Evangel girls’ basketball team. Captain Shreve’s Lady Gators secured at least part of the title that – over the years – has been predominantly owned by the girls of Southwood. When the Lady Gators under Keith Green succeed in beating Byrd this Friday night, the girls have the great title all for themselves!

Keith Green said that securing the championship is a fantastic feeling, particularly for the team’s three seniors, Kaylynn Armstrong, Victoria Hart, and Angel Bush. These girls were already here when we started out building up this team, and they’re still here to share in this enormous success.

Captain Shreve and the Brandon Goyne Foundation

Captain Shreve is teaming up with the Brandon Goyne Foundation.  Young athletes get ECG/EKG checks.

Just a couple of years ago, Brandon Goyne, an LSU-Alexandria baseball player, collapsed while he was playing a game. Brandon died of sudden cardiac arrest, and later Brandon’s family found out that he was having a rare heart condition that was never diagnosed.

Today, there are fortunately tests that can prevent young athletes from what occurred with Brandon. To make sure what happened to him will not happen to other athletes, Captain Shreve has teamed up with the Brandon Goyne Foundation and took measures.